Te Araroa

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 Hello friends and family!

Emily and I are planning on walking New Zealand's Te Araroa trail from roughly November 2016 through mid-March 2017. We're both very excited for this adventure. You may be surprised that we've been talking about doing this for quite a while now! We didn't want to broadly announce it, though, until we were much more sure about things coming together.

One of our favorite things to do is read about everyone’s experience with the gear they use while thru-hiking.

Emily and I planned for a few practice
We went up to Brainard Lake with very close to our final gear l
We left Denver on Oct 25th, visiting my brother Matt and his family.

We’ll be catching a ride in a couple of hours on a tour bus to Cape Reinga. After a few pictures, we’ll just start walking south. Part of it seems real, part of it doesn’t, and part of it feels like nothing. Like, okay, here we go, we are going to walk now.

Distance Covered: 12 km  

Ahh… so good to do nothing. So nice to wake up and feel free to roll over without thinking about putting shoes on. It’s as glorious as we imagined when we pushed ourselves yesterday.

Distance Covered: 16 km