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You can take a ferry from Piraeus port (near Athens) to Mykonos which is a cheaper option, but again this will consume much of your precious time. I rented a quad bike, so I can go at my phase to see the best of the island. Yes, with my Philippines driving license they allowed me to drive a quad.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Mykonos.

Mykonos is a windy island the whole of Cyclades is a windy place and this day was one of the usual windy days. I was just wearing a light shirt and shorts. Bad idea.

Exploring around Mykonos town, you can see the Whitewashed colorful houses, small rock paved alleys and traditional Greek tavernas. Beautiful! You should see the unique stalls of famous boutiques all following the unique Cyclades architecture.

Elia beach is very popular for nudist so prepare yourself for what you’re about to see. Make sure not to take pictures of nude sunbathers, respect your fellow tourists. It was a nice place to spend the rest of the day, golden sand beach, clear waters and cool breeze.

Mykonos is well known for its parties, so I did not let it pass. The Scandinavian bar is the most popular, but feel free to explore the other places, which are all interesting and unique. Delos is a nearby island rich in archaeological artifacts and history. It’s the birthplace of Apollo according to legends. Super Paradise Beach is the most famous beach in Mykonos and well known for its crazy beach parties during summer. Make sure to have a full stomach when you come here; food is ridiculously expensive.

You can take a ferry from Piraeus port (near Athens) to Mykonos which is a cheaper opti
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